Creating a clinical 360° view of patients requires multiple data sources in near real-time to empower clinical teams to make decisions using real-world data. Our solution enables our clients to fully combine various data sources like wearables, sensors and medical devices with other clinical data to advance time to market in clinical research.

The number of times an average patient is seen by a clinician in a given year is limited which creates large gaps in time where there is no window into the status of the patient’s health and lifestyle. With the use of mobile health applications, medical devices and wearables, we are able to create a longitudinal view of the patient with greater frequency, as well as visualize their journey over time with any healthcare, therapies or drug products. Our solution provides the capability to create a “digital finger print” of a patient so we can profile them over time looking for unusual patterns and insights serviced from advanced machine learning that is tailored to each patient.

Anovora provides an end-to-end solution for managing the full lifecycle of medical devices and wearables:

  • Cloud-based device authorization with automated data ingestion for commercial wearables.
  • Self-service device tracking.
  • Advanced analytics and machine learning.
  • Analyze heterogeneous data across multiple devices as well as with other clinical data.