What We Do

Anovora accelerates the adoption of digital health for researchers by providing a real-world evidence solution. Our platform provides a highly configurable end-to-end solution with interoperability to integrate and link clinical data for advanced analytical research and clinical trials.

How We Do It

Anovora applies real-world patient data sourced via wearables, medical devices, and EHR systems. With our platform we integrate and precisely assess patients in the real world to support novel patient-centric endpoints in near real-time.


Anovora provides a scalable “analytics as a service” platform to create business value by simplifying the convergence of large-scale patient data in real-time to enable improved decisions.

Surface new data insights and answer new questions leveraging a true “Digital Health” approach backed by leading Big Data technology that accelerates the adoption in clinical research by providing a low barrier of entry analytics as a service solution.

Our solution provides key clinical insights across multi-disciplinary teams by leveraging real-world data from various data sources like the electronic health records, as well as device data from both medical devices and wearables.